Joe Robach has always maintained a close relationship with the Association of Kodak Retirees (EKRA) which is part of the Retired Public Employees Association.  Joe Robach knows that there are thousands of Kodak retirees and their spouses living in Monroe County and that it is important that they have a line of communication to each other.  For those retired from Kodak who would like to know more about EKRA, here is some more information.

The purpose of EKRA is to provide objective pension and benefit information and alternatives to members so they can make better decisions about their financial risks and security.  According to EKRA, being a member provides you with access to the latest information regarding the impact of changes in Kodak retiree benefits.

You can join EKRA if you are: a qualified under Kodak’s retirement plan; paid-up deferred annuitants that ended their Kodak employment prior to retirement eligibility and have vested benefit accrued that they are drawing or have not yet started to draw; those vested with benefits; LTDs who might be drawing LTD benefits but will draw KRIP in the future; survivors of deceased retirees who are receiving a portion of their spouse’s KRIP benefits; and Cash Balance participants.  If people are interested in joining they should check the EKRA website.

Joe Robach has always had a vested interest in Kodak retirees and their future.   For more information on his efforts on retirees, contact Joe Robach’s office.