Joe Robach introduced a new health insurance bill for Kodak retirees.  This bill would establish a pilot program for Kodak retirees should they lose insurance benefits in the wake of the bankruptcy.  

Today, an increasing number of New Yorkers are losing employer-based health insurance coverage due to the economy. Some of these individuals were promised continued coverage by their employer after retirement. These former employees lack access to employment-sponsored health insurance coverage and often cannot afford to purchase coverage in the private pay market.  Joe Robach knows that this is the exact situation of Kodak retirees.  So for this reason, he partnered with an Assembly colleague to introduce new legislation for Kodak retirees.  This bill is different from Joe Robach’s other Kodak retiree bill, as it would not make retirees eligible for Healthy NY but would give them insurance options from a major carrier.

Specifically, this demonstration program seeks to create a new model of health insurance that would meet the special needs of this population, at a reasonable  price,  while  still  meeting  the  solvency requirements, benefit mandates, and other obligations required  by  state  statute  and  regulation. Providing this program on a “pilot” basis affords the Department of Financial Services the ability to assess the policy ramifications of this change and the impact on other groups and the community.  This bill aims to partner with a major insurance carrier in the Rochester community.  Joe Robach knows that this bill would protect the health of Kodak retirees and their spouses should they lose health benefits.

This legislation moved out of the Senate’s Insurance Committee on April 25, 2012.  This bill will need to pass the full Senate as well as the Assembly.  For more information, contact Joe Robach’s office.