Joe RobachAfter hearing from several constituents and Kodak retirees, Joe Robach amended his recent Kodak legislation.

Joe Robach introduced legislation (Senate Bill S.6740) which would create a health insurance demonstration program to provide group health insurance coverage for former employees of a major New York-based employer – like Kodak.  The amendment will ensure/ clarify that all insurance companies can compete to provide this coverage.

Joe Robach said “This amendment will clarify this legislation and ensure that all insurance companies can compete to provide the lowest possible cost and best possible health coverage for Kodak retirees.”

This demonstration program seeks to create a new model of health insurance that would meet the special needs of this population, at a reasonable price, while still meeting solvency requirements, benefit mandates, and other obligations required by state statute and regulation.

For questions about this Kodak bill, contact the office of Joe Robach.