Joe Robach recently announced that his legislation designed to provide Eastman Kodak retirees with affordable and accessible health care has been approved by the state Assembly and Senate.

Under the new insurance model created through this legislation, insurers will competitively bid for the chance to provide coverage to retirees not yet eligible for Medicare and whose health benefits may be terminated as a result of Kodak’s bankruptcy. As members of a large pool, retirees will pay lower premiums than if they purchased individual health plans.

The newly-created Kodak pool will be insured according to the same rules that apply to all insurance products in New York State.

For generations, Kodak stood as a symbol of economic certainty for tens of thousands of workers and their families. That certainty has vanished, and Joe Robach and his colleagues in the Assembly and Senate introduced this legislation to ensure that those who gave so much to Kodak and this community will not face the future fearing for their health and financial wellbeing.

The bill has been sent to Governor Cuomo for his signature. If you have any questions about this legislation and how it will impact Kodak retirees, please contact the office of Joe Robach.